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How to Integrate Atoa with QuickBooks

Last updated on Jun 19, 2024

Integrating Atoa with QuickBooks allows you to streamline your invoicing process, making it easier for your customers to pay directly from their bank app. Follow these simple steps to connect your QuickBooks account with Atoa and start accepting payments seamlessly.

Steps to Integrate Atoa with QuickBooks

1. Click on 'Connect QuickBooks'

To get started, click on the 'Connect to QuickBooks' button. This will open a new window where you'll need to give Atoa access to your QuickBooks account.


  • Navigate to the Integrations section in your Atoa account.

  • Click on 'QuickBooks'.

  • Press the 'Connect to QuickBooks' button.

Start Setup: QuickBooks Setup

2. Select Your QuickBooks Account

Choose the specific QuickBooks account where payments processed through Atoa will be settled and logged.


  • In the integration settings, select the QuickBooks account for recording transactions.

  • Ensure this account is correctly set up in QuickBooks to match your business needs.

3. Start Sending Invoices

Once everything is set up, you can start sending invoices with payment links created in QuickBooks. Customers can pay from their bank app using Atoa, and funds will be deposited instantly into your chosen bank account.


  • Create an invoice in QuickBooks as you normally would.

  • A payment link will be automatically added to the invoice.

  • Send the invoice to your customer, who can pay directly through the link.

  • Once a payment is completed, the invoice will also be marked as paid.

After Integration

After the integration is complete, the payment link is added to each invoice once the merchant sends the invoice to the customer through the QuickBooks dashboard.


If you encounter any issues during the setup process, you can book a demo for personalized assistance.