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What is Atoa, and how does it work?

Last updated on May 15, 2024

Pay instantly and securely in-store with Atoa using your UK bank app

Atoa is a new way to pay that uses Open Banking, allowing customers to make payments to your business directly from their existing UK bank app.

What Atoa offers to business owners

  • A cardless solution that saves you up to 70% compared to card payments!

  • Accept payments in-store and remotely.

  • Instant Bank Pay- Get paid to your linked account in seconds, giving your business instant cash flow.

  • There's no need to download anything. Customers scan a QR code or click a link and pay with their bank app.

  • Grow your business with a modern and secure payment solution that works for you.

  • No device rental

How Atoa works

  • Display your Atoa QR stand or send a payment link

  • Customers scan the QR code with their smart phone camera or click the link with their smartphone.

  • They select a bank from the list and approve the payment securely from their bank app using a face or fingerprint scan.

  • Done! You receive a notification that Payment has been completed instantly and securely. Funds are deposited into your linked business account within seconds.

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