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Is Atoa secure?

Last updated on Mar 26, 2024

Atoa is safer than traditional cards. Unlike cards that can be lost or stolen, Atoa transactions happen within the customer’s trusted bank app. Every Atoa payment is approved by the customer's bank app and confirmed using Face ID or a fingerprint scan. This ensures that Atoa meets the highest standards of security and compliance while protecting our businesses against fraud. Plus, with Atoa, businesses enjoy protection from chargebacks.

Atoa skips the Visa and Mastercard networks and taps directly into the UK government's secure Faster Payments network. The UK Financial Conduct Authority monitors every transaction, and banks handle all funds directly, meaning Atoa never touches your money.

This open banking-powered approach allows Atoa to cut unfair fees and pass savings of up to 70% onto the business owner.

Enjoy the future of fast, fair and secure payments!