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Does Atoa charge a minimum transaction amount?

Last updated on Mar 26, 2024

Our maximum rate of 0.6% works out at about 6p in fees per £1. Instant payments with an unbeatably low rate can help boost your business's cash flow, giving you time to focus on growth.

The business will be charged their plan (0.6% per transaction in most cases*) or 30p, whichever number is higher during that month. The 30p charge is paid directly to Stripe to maintain your Direct Debit mandate.

You can view your monthly statements by opening your Atoa app, selecting My Account, clicking Billing and Billing History, and then selecting the month you would like to view. You can see your current month's usage by choosing Billing, Current Usage, and Plan. This will display your current use and estimated charges. Fees are collected by direct debit once a month.

When a customer pays with Atoa, your business will receive 100% of the transaction amount instantly. We do not hold any of your funds.

Larger businesses are eligible for custom pricing, which is significantly lower than 0.6% per transaction. We also offer capped fees for businesses with high average transaction values. Please contact us at hello@paywithatoa.co.uk for more information.

Atoa recognises the importance of charity and its positive impact on communities. We offer a reduced transaction rate of 0.2% for all UK-registered charities. To qualify, you need to provide your UK Charity Number during registration.