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So I saw Atoa in-store, what is it?

Last updated on Feb 08, 2024

Atoa allows any UK consumer to pay in-store using their existing UK Bank App.

Atoa leverages the UK Government's Open Banking Network which allows customers to initiate instant bank transfers to merchants without entering their bank account details. Payments are processed by the Consumer's bank and reach the merchant in seconds at a fraction of the cost of card payments. Consumers do not have to download any new apps and no debit or credit cards are involved in the payment.

Why is Atoa good?

  • Businesses can reduce their cost of payments by up to 70% by accepting Atoa instead of debit or credit cards

  • Atoa pay businesses faster than cards and can take up to 1-3 days to pay funds (Atoa pays the business in seconds)

  • Atoa allows businesses to collect payment in new ways such as SMS, WhatsApp and Email

  • Atoa offers regular promotions, rewards and cashback for consumers

Atoa is short for "Account-to-Account Payments", the underlying technology which enables each Atoa transaction