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How do I use payment links?

What are payment links? Payment links are shareable links that let customers make payments from their devices. They make remote payments more manageable for businesses and offer convenience to customers. Why are payment links good for business? Atoa payment links help your business get paid faster! Funds arrive as soon as your customer pays the link. You can track paid or unpaid links at a glance. Plus, you can send polite payment reminders to customers using the Atoa Business app or dashboard. How do I send a payment link using Atoa? - Log into the Atoa Business Dashboard or Atoa Business app. - Go to the "Links" icon and open "Payment Links". - Click "New Link" or "Create payment link". - Enter the amount and add an optional note (e.g., what the payment is for, customer name, reference number). Share the link with your customer using text, email, social media, or whatever works best. Adding notes to payment links When you create a payment link, there's a space to add notes below the transaction amount, which customers will see when they make the payment. Once the payment is successful, the business can easily view the payment details and your notes within their transaction history. Adding notes to your payment links is a great way to manage and reference your transactions. How do I track the status of my payment links? You can toggle between "paid" and "unpaid" links to see their status. You will also receive a notification when payment has been received. If you've got overdue payments, use the app to send friendly reminders to your customers. Find out more about using payment links on the Atoa blog.

Last updated on May 10, 2024